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1. Do I need a referral letter?
Your insurance company may ask for one but Mr Norman-Taylor doesn’t need one.
2. What happens if my child needs further investigations like x-ray, scans or blood tests?
X-rays and blood tests can usually be done within the same appointment but other investigation like CT or MRI may need to be booked.
3. How can I pay?
You can pay online, via the website or by calling Rebecca on 020 78010435 with your card details.
4. If my child needs surgery can I choose when to have it?
Mr Norman-Taylor has regular theatre lists at The Portland but if there is a date you particularly want we will do our best to accommodate.
5. How long is the appointment?
A 30 minute appointment slot is booked and that is usually plenty of time. Often families like to go away and think about the information they’ve been given and if they then have more questions book a further appointment. If your child is particularly complex and you have a lot of questions we can book a double appointment.
6. Can I bring siblings to the appointment?
Yes, there are plenty of toys to distract siblings.
7. Can I have my first appointment privately and then move back into the NHS?
Yes, but being seen privately doesn’t affect your position on NHS waiting lists.
8. Where are the private consulting rooms?
Mr Norman-Taylor’s main private consulting rooms are part of the Portland Hospital at 215 Great Portland Street and Caterpillar Outpatients in Great Ormond Street Hospital.
9. How do I make an appointment?
You can call me on 020 7801 0435 or email Rebecca@londonchildrensorthopaedics.co.uk. You can also call the Portland appointments team directly on 020 7079 4344 or the private patient team at Great Ormond Street on 020 7762 6822.
10. Do I have to pay in advance and is there a cancellation fee?
We don’t ask for payment in advance or charge for cancellations but do ask that you are considerate and let us know as long in advance as possible if you are unable to attend your appointment.


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